Rough sketch of Swami Samartha completed within 40 minutes from start

Sometime in 2015, my Guru Shree Raghupathi Iyer (Sir as we call him) asked me to paint Shree Swami Samartha on a large canvas. By the blessings, power and grace of His words, I gathered the courage and faith to hold the brush and prayed to Swami to take the form that He wishes on the canvas. I sincerely believe that what happened later on the canvas is the divine will of Shree Swami Samartha Himself. The insignificant "I" only held the brush in my hand.
The adjacent photo shows Swami appearing on the canvas within 40 mins of starting on the white canvas - those who paint will be able to understand this much better than the others. My faith that He is getting the work done only got more stronger after this. 

Progression of the painting thereafter was quite dramatic to say the least. I added the background and filled the space for the tiger skin. It is interesting to note that Swami seems to have already appeared on the canvas from the very beginning. 

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