12 thoughts on “Welcome to Nandan’s paintings

  1. Hello Nandan,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Fantastic collection of wide variety of paintings. And appreciate your idea of launching your own website.

    very proud of you..


  2. Awesome.. there is a great depth in your paintings.. and an inspiration for all those IT people who don’t usually make time for pursuing their passion.

  3. Congrats Nandan. Wish you great success. You have a gift and I am glad you can now share it with the world.

  4. Congrats Nandan! Truly amazing work and good to see that you pursue your passion and come out with great work! Dont forget to call me for the inauguration of Nandan Art Gallery..

  5. With my very limited knowledge I just can say “WOW” seeing your work. My daughter who is trying painting has bookmarked the link. Best wishes and luck too! / panna

  6. Dear Nandan, I am speechless as these are all AWESOME pieces of fine art. I congratulate you, indeed you are gifted and I am very happy you pursuing something you love and have talent for.

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